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New Growths corporate partnerships have huge benefits for your company and will also provide a lifeline and a game-changing future for those less well off in Nepal. Your support is crucial to creating thriving, sustainable communities as well as helping you to achieve your strategic business objectives that allow you to stand out to your clients.

Volunteer hours served in 2019.

Fruit Trees, Plants and Reforestation in 2019


All profits to regeneration projects

How Your Corporation Can Help

Event Sponsorship

Sponsor a New Growth event. Your brand will feature on all event communications, and we’ll regularly update you on the impact your support is having.

Cause Related Marketing

Make your product stand out by aligning it with New Growth. Research showed that 91% of consumers would switch to a brand which is associated with a good cause. we can set all of this up for you.

Simply Donate

A simple Donation from your corporation will always go a long way.  If required we can align it with the purchase of trees or supplies so your clients can see the difference you make for the better. 

Employee Fundraising

Engage your employees in your company’s charitable support. New Growth can help with organising fun ways to raise money in the workplace or to promote payroll giving.

How Your Company Will Benefit

A partnership between your company and New Growth can bring huge benefits.

Partnering With Us…

For you, it means that your company is driving real and significant social and environmental change. It is something that your employees and customers can be proud of. For New Growth, it means funding and increased visibility, which provides a vital lifeline for the impoverished communities we help in Nepal.

The Benefits Of A Partnership…

• Engage your customers
• Raise your employee morale
• Boost your company profile and increase brand awareness
• Provide positive brand association
• Achieve your social and environmental Corporate Social Responsibility goals

Make Us Your Charity Of The Year. 

We will deliver  a full and in-depth report to your corporation, in person, on the massive differenece your company can make to the impovorished communities that we serve by making us your charity of the year.

You Will Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

When you help New Growth, you will be helping to bring into effect profound change for many impoverished comunities accross Nepal.  

Other Ways To Help

See how you can help us in different ways. 

Purchase Some Fruit Trees

Take a look at the various plans and prices we have available.  There is a price point to suit all.  You can be clear when you purchase your tree that your money is being used to its full potential for generations to come.

A Gift In Your Will

We would like to be able to expand our work long into the future. One way you can add greatly to this is by a legacy in your will. This will help secure all of our programs into the future and fund the wellbeing of new vibrant communities.

Our Shop

Take a look at our shop where you can find many different products, all extremely useful to our fundraising exploits so that together we can make a difference. 

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