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Kaile’s family is just one of the 75 families that are in desperate need of help due to hunger.  He was injured during the earthquake in 2015, his wife is missing and he has been left with their two children.  His house is also in very poor condition.  He hasn’t been able to work due to his injuries and now with all of the devastation that Covid 19 has caused in Nepal through very strict lockdowns, no government help and people losing the paltry jobs that they had he can no longer rely on friends to help him out.  

His is one of the many families that are struggling just to survive in the village of Simthali, Nepal. 

Simthali is a rural community in Nepal where we have at least 75 families who need assistance with emergency food as their situation has become dire and for some is rapidly turning into a life or death situation.  We would appreciate your immediate help in this matter. 

Option 1

Sponsor a family for €30 per month.  This will supply all of their food each month and help enormously until this pandemic has subsided.  We will contact you with specific details of the family you are helping and updates on how your donation is being used.  This payment can be cancelled at any time by a simple email.  

Option 2

Please donate anything that you can, either on a recurring monthly basis or a one-off payment.  Any help will be greatly appreciated in this life or death situation.  



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