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Who Are New Growth?

New Growth is a new unique trust that wants to plant “ 10 million” fruit and nut trees to aid communities and poor farmers in impoverished countries that deserve to have a sustainable future from economic, climate and environmental degradation.

We want to help people form a new relationship with the landscape they live in and help them to take the steps to get out of the poverty trap that they find themselves in.  Fruit and nut trees will not just help them but also improve the health of their communities overall.

Our vision is that each tree planted will improve the lives of people one tree at a time, your support and understanding will make this happen.

All of us in New Growth passionately believe we must bring the divide in our society together and form a more holistic approach to the way we see each other and our relationship with our home.

The Future “Tree Food Program”

The dream of trees for food is about taking a responsible approach to third world countries where with environmental changes in the future will challenge us to change our attitude of how we grow our food.  With these changes, unfortunately, some get left behind. Poorer farmers fall into this category.  In order to protect their land so that they can sustain themselves now and the in the future, for their childer and their children’s children, these farmers need better advice and education so this can be achieved.

Fruit trees mean food, shelter, nutrition,  medicine,  environmental balance and community sustainability to enable the poor to have a more balanced and productive environment to live in.  Fruit trees also have the ability to bring about a new life-force within the communities we serve and also the ability to change the environmental devastation that the poorest countries continually have to endure.

Our sole aim is supplementing people’s health and well-being by directly planting fruit and nut trees in communities where we can assist families to create new supplementary incomes, new roots of self-sustainability and economic freedom for the long term.

Through our Future Fruit-Tree Programs, we are committed to creating a full-scale commercial orchard for Endrenii charity. this will help supplement an already successful commercial vegetable garden which helps towards self-sufficiency and educational support.  In addition, our Fruit-Tree Outreach Program has started in Nepal.  This will work with social enablers,  women’s groups, and farmers groups. Identifying the poorer elements of these so that they would benefit from our fruit tree support program.  We are doing this in a variety of ways from microloan support to direct donations of fruit and nut trees ground nuts etc, All our programs are supported by Agri technicians and management on the ground.
New Growth is not just for our children, but our children’s children. 

Our Simple Approach.


The fruit and nut trees donated are planted with the aim of providing sustainable nutrition coupled with an environmental awareness of how freshly grown local produce can benefit and enhance the lives of poor farmers and communities that need assistance in learning to use the land in a sustainable way.

“There is now a worldwide need to understand how food is grown and distributed.”

PLANT  We can reap the benefits of a healthier diet, economic independence and environment balance.

GROW  We are setting the seeds that will help numerous communities and poor farmers flourish.

LEARN  We teach how to view health and locally grown food so that it can benefit all.

SUSTAIN  To help people help themselves and sustain the environment they live in.

Our Charitable Associates

Who Are The Indreni Foundation?

Indreni children’s charity is a non-profit organization registered in Ireland, Switzerland and Nepal with partner charities Sahayata in Germany and Friends of Indreni in California. Ram Hari Khadka and some the Nepalese staff who run our operations on the ground in Kathmandu have come from similar backgrounds to many of the children now in our care and in turn wish to dedicate their lives to helping others. They themselves are a shining example of how children can come through an organization like Indreni and positively affect change in their society. Their example is far-reaching and has inspired a group of Individuals across the globe to help them help the children and grow Indreni to help as many children as possible in their quest to improve their society for the good of all. New Growth are proud of our associations with this exceptional charity

Meet The Team

With unity comes strength..........
Sean Keighran

Sean Keighran

Horticultural Advisor

Sean has a horticultural degree and is tasked with ensuring all projects are being planned and implemented in adherence to the sometimes challenging aspects of conducting projects of this scale in unfamiliar environments.  He firmly believes the fruit tree initiative can and will change communities and environments for the better, now and for future generations.   A stalwart believer of the New Growth ethos.

Patrick Quinn

Patrick Quinn

Business Development

Patrick is a serial entrepreneur and has created and managed many successful ventures across a range of sectors.  With a deep understanding of all facets of business, he is charged with the development and implementation of all management and marketing systems.  Patrick is passionate about the work that is being carried out and is driven to develop the New Growth brand whilst guiding the organisation to the next level.

Tim Whyte

Tim Whyte

Corporate Liasion

Tim is involved in corporate management and brings his experience and skills as a corporate negotiator to the table in order to assist us in the very important area of procurement of corporate investment.   A firm believer in New Growth and all that it stands for Tim devotes his free time to help achieve New Growths ideal for the poor and impoverished

Ciara Ferguson

Ciara Ferguson

Media Officer


Ciara Ferguson is a fulltime writer and former newspaper features writer and editor. She was born in Ireland but has travelled extensively and lived in Asia for many years. Forever interested in and appreciative of other cultures and communities, she believes in the New Growth endeavour to help people evolve into becoming self-sustainable through education, environment, and agriculture

Neil Mc Cann

Neil Mc Cann

Legal Advisor

Neil is a seasoned professional in environmental campaigns having being involved with many over the years.  In addition to being a barrister, he brings with him valuable knowledge and experience that are crucial in running an organisation like New Growth.   An advocate of what New Growth stands for Neil is a very passionate member of the team.

Alan Cope

Alan Cope

Agricultural Advisor

Alan is a commercial farmer and has extensive knowledge in food production and implementation processes. Alan assists in providing an expert overview of our fruit tree programs and acts as an adviser and coordinator of our programs.  To have someone on board who fully understands all the challenges of farming and truly knows what “good practice” means is a real boon for us.   He believes vehemently in the New Growth organisation and everything it stands for.

Jimmy Gillen

Jimmy Gillen

Animal Welfare Advisor

Jimmy has been involved with animal welfare all of his life on many levels.  A proud believer of the New Growth program, he brings with him the expert knowledge that allows us to implement animals into in many of our programs.  The vital additions that these animals can bring to impoverished communities are quite staggering.

Theo Devaney

Theo Devaney


Theo is New Growths treasurer and is also on our advisory board.  Working extensively in management Theo has a lot of expertise to bring to the table.  As with all of our unpaid volunteers Theo dedicates a large amount of his spare time in order to ensure that the New Growth organisation continues to flourish and offer relief to those that need it most.

New Growth, a vision for the future.  Sustainability not just for our children, but our children's children....

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